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LIFEYELID ENTERPRISES  is a proprietary company involved in import- export/manufacturing/ marketing &Trading business with products from some of the world’s famous companies in Clinical Path lab Test reagents, Clinical Systems Training Point of Care Test Device, System Engineering, Medical Disposable, Medical Equipment, Health care Technology & Systems Integration, etc.

LIFEYELID Enterprises has a Team with deep experience in sourcing quality / innovative Health care products at best price from worldwide manufacturers.

While there are many companies currently occupying this market, LIFEYELID ENTERPRISES is intends to offer more by providing the expertise products from the pioneers of Health Industries. “At LIFEYELID ENTERPRISES’’, we recognize the importance of having both clinical and technical experts on staff to foster innovative ideas that will solve real world problems that providers faces in Health care Industry.

LIFEYELID Enterprises consult highly qualified team of engineers, system integrators, clinicians - Licensed Physician, Dentist & Practicing Physician Assistant, medical logisticians, and acquisition program managers who developed, implemented and managed some of the National top Healthcare system.

“Our goal is to enhance the quality of healthcare by providing innovative health care products technology critical to the decision making process for better patient outcomes.’’

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